About Us

Quality & Safety foods are the need of the day. Besides the facts of safety and quality, the modern generation people are not ready to spare more time in the kitchen for preparing traditional quality and healthy foods. Hence Instant foods and ready mixes are getting importance nowadays.

With the aim to address the above issues our EM Perfect Foods has developed a range of Food Products with traditional taste which are hygienic, safe, quality assured, fuel saving, energy saving, ready to cook and less cost.

Our Managing Director, Mrs Darshani is a B.Tech Graduate specialized in food Processing Engineering, studied at Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore. During the studies and also after completion of Graduation, she has done lot of Researches and Project works in Food Technology. With her knowledge and experience she developed a good range of food products. The concept of all our products is Giving Food Products with traditional taste, time saving, fuel saving and without any chemicals & preservatives.

Our First Product is “Perfect Instant Sambar Mix”. In the traditional method, preparation of Sambar takes more than 30 minutes as it involves cooking dhal separately, adding required spices and afterwards cooking vegetables in that mixture. Because of its long cooking time, many people choose alternative method of cooking like pressure cooking, Microwave oven cooking, etc., in these processes also the cooking time is more than 20 minutes. Though there is time reduction, these methods do not suit for the fast moving present generation and they even like instant preparations. To overcome all the above constraints we have developed “Perfect Instant Sambar Mix”
The recipe of “Perfect Instant Sambar Mix” is as simple as below:
Pour water in a Cooker vessel and allow to boil. Add Perfect Instant Sambar Mix & required cut vegetables. Close the cooker and allow cooking for ONE whistle.After Pressure release, season it serve hot. Tasty Sambar is ready within 5 minutes.


Natural, No preservatives, No MSG,   100% vegetarian
Great Saving of Kitchen Time.
It gives “traditional cooked” freshness with pleasant aroma, Flavor and Taste
Energy/ Fuel consumption is less.
No wastage of foods.